Historic But modern. vintage & artisan.

Plaza Midwood was established in 1910 as the Streetcar Suburb of Charlotte. It's located just a bike ride away from Uptown and it has history and modern written all over it. Since the mid-1990's there has been a dramatic comeback full of reinvestments that have transformed the dilapidated homes into some of the best artistic, retro, funky urban dwellings. The redevelopment phase is still continuing with the rebirth of the former suburbs of the Charlotte. 

NoDa is the funky, extra hip, artsy and an eclectic neighborhood just north of Uptown. This community started as a mill village dating back to the 1900s, and it's revival has been nothing but real estate renovations, local artwork, hand-crafted jewelry, and home goods.

If you're looking for live music, NoDa is one of your best bets. If you want to have your dog be in unleashed heaven, bring your pooch to the dog bars and parks surrounding the community. 

Both quaint & luscious, and full of charm these communities have brought together professionals and locals to become more connected among each other.  Here you will find every generation actively participating in the enjoyment the neighborhood provides. It's not an unusual thing to see people out walking, eating, drinking, or a flurry of people sitting on benches chatting. 

To sum it up.  Plaza Midwood/NoDa mixes quirky, art, and hippest fashion-forward sophistication that creates one of the most vibrant neighborhoods full of personality and character. 

  • What you'll Love

Home of Charlotte Choice Charter school. The meeting place, the deli place, the quirky gift store, and one of the best bottle shops all in one: The all-purpose Plaza Midwood Common Market.

Amélie’s French Bakery is a must see on any trip to Charlotte.  It's opened 24/7 and is an iconic staple of the city. 

  • Real Estate market

From small space apartments, to the luscious vintage bungalows, from the fresh-faced college graduates, to empty nesters, Midwood/NoDa markets are desired by all. It's not unusual to see a millionaire living next to a college grad. This neighborhood is HOT.

  • Life Style

Bike Bike Bike! These high energy communities have loving neighborhoods that will welcome and make everyone feel at home. Be yourself, and be free. 

  • Dining & entertainment

The restaurants are as eclectic as the people. Check out the super trendy Soul Gastrolounge. These places are filled with art galleries, funky local shops, and restaurants.